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Wedding Breakfast Mobile Disco

Our wedding mobile disco uses our vast experience of wedding entertainment to create the

perfect party atmosphere with wedding disco songs. Your requirements will be discussed with you prior to your big day, this ensures that
every aspect of you evenings entertainment is perfect. As we guide you through the evening starting with your first dance, we welcome a
second dance, so that your close family can enjoy the atmosphere too., followed by
music that everyone will enjoy. Your wedding mobile disco DJ’s always arrive on time, smartly dressed and ready to entertain you and your
guests with a wedding dj playlist. We are a family run business which means that you will always be in contact with us
from booking right through to your last dance. We love to take requests and have a
massive 35,000 to choose from – Karaoke too if needed.

Wedding Mobile Disco Party Tips

To help you plan your evening we have produced the following wedding party tips.
Tips for a perfect wedding party. The first dance will signal the start of the evening to your guests. It is
traditional to let the bride and groom take to the dance floor first. If you decide
to have your first dance promptly your guests can then join in from the start of the
evening. Creating a music playlist can be rewarding because you will get to hear all of
your best wedding disco songs. If you create a wedding party playlist remember to include something for everyone. Mindy’s Roadshow
will keep the party flowing by mixing your requests with popular party favorites . Your guests have come to spend the evening with you, so when you dance they will
follow, if you are outside taking a break your guests are also likely to follow. If there are any specific songs that you would like to hear just ask your wedding mobile disco DJ from Mindy’s
Roadshow, we use a digital music system which means that we can find your requests
and play your disco party music quickly. At the end of a long wedding day it is better to have your party go out with a
‘bang’ than than let it fizzle out. We can arrange a wedding arch to be formed at the
end of the party or circle where all guests join hands and the bride and groom dance
in the centre.

Wedding Mobile Disco Dancing

We recommend that dancing for an all day wedding should finish at around 12pm. This
will give you plenty of time to say farewell to your guests who have travelled a long
way to see you, during this time we can play relaxing background music.

When holding a wedding party on a Weekday or Sunday evenings some of your guests may have been working or have work the following day, these guests may not want to stay out to late. For this we recommend getting the evening started a little earlier. When using our booking form you can make a time plan for your party, this will help the DJ make the evenings entertainment more coordinated.

Here are some additional services wedding mobile disco provide:
Use of Radio Microphones for speeches
Early set up time
Background Music during the Wedding Breakfast
Music for Fireworks
Specialist children’s hour of Party Dances at the beginning of the night
Liaise with Bands and other additional Entertainers

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