Planning A Small Intimate Wedding

Planning a small intimate wedding with all the organisation is a lot of work..

You can face with what can seem like  never ending questions and challenges you will have to find the solution too. When it comes to your big day, we think you will agree that size plays a big part. Whilst large, extravagant celebrations mean you do not have to worry about leaving friends and family out, smaller weddings are perfect for creating a more intimate day with those closest and dearest to you. Just because there are less people does not mean the atmosphere will be any less vibrant. Planned well, an intimate wedding party of 70 guests or less can be just as much fun as a party of 300+! This is often more meaningful! So let us take a closer look at how we can successfully put together a small, intimate wedding.


The benefits of small weddings

From offering your closest friends and family an extraordinary wedding experience to taking some of the typical pressures away during the planning, intimate weddings have a plethora of benefits that make them irresistible.


Prioritising costs

For many of us, cost is the first thing we consider when organising the big day. It guides the rest of the planning and has a significant influence over how the day pans out.

Opting for a wedding party of 70 guests or below will free up a lot of your budget and allow you to prioritise what really matters to you. After all, this is your big day!

From your choice of venue and accommodation arrangements to the wedding breakfast and evening entertainment, smaller weddings give your more freedom to design the day you have always dreamed.


Time well spent

Fewer guests means more time for you and your other half to ‘make the rounds’, which means you can spend more time with each person who has attended your wedding.

You will be able to dedicate time to visiting each table during the wedding breakfast and dance with each guest on the evening. This not only means your time is better spent, and makes for a much more enjoyable and special day for your loved ones.

With less guests to worry about, you are far more likely to find accommodation for everyone under one roof instead of people leaving early because they cannot drink as they have to travel to accommodation away from the wedding venue.


A meaningful venue

For many happy couples, ‘the perfect venue’ has been at the forefront of your mind since the proposal. It is one of the most important aspects of any wedding day, and can set the scene and atmosphere for the entire day.

With a smaller and more intimate guest list, you can enjoy much more flexibility when it comes to choosing the perfect space. Many venues help you adapt the venue to meet your needs and create the vibe you are looking for. Rooms, for example can be resized to cater to the size of your party and the feel you want to achieve on your big day.


Top tips for planning intimate weddings

Just because there are less guests to cater too, does not mean planning an intimate wedding is any easier than something more extravagant. Timings and wedding suppliers all have to be coordinated just the same big or small.


Pay attention to the little things

From flowers and transportation to wedding favours and name cards, with less guests to worry about you can spend more time on the little things. The things that are going to make your wedding one to remember. The extra touches that are going to make your wedding special for everyone involved.


Focus on entertainment

With larger parties, finding the right entertainment that everyone will enjoy is difficult. So often, couples opt for mainstream options to avoid going wrong.

However, smaller guest lists mean you (should) know the likes and dislikes of everyone invited. This means you can focus on finding entertainment your guests will love.

With extra budget, you could even opt for a handful of performers or musicians to transform your day into something truly memorable! Here at Mindy’s Roadshow we have decades of experience to keep your guests entertained. We take requests and work seamlessly with other entertainers to achieve a great party atmosphere.


Your wedding is intimate – keep it that way

Small intimate weddings are just that – intimate. They are magical, they are special, and more than anything, they are romantic. Your guests will love this too, less stress means more sniles all round.

Try keeping it as personal as possible by keeping everyone as close to you and each other as possible. From seating arrangements during the ceremony to breakfast the next day, this will keep everyone involved throughout for a perfectly magical experience you deserve.

Make it an event

Use the small number of guests to your advantage and stretch out your big day over a few days. This is perfect if you can find a stunning and extravagant venue that can cater to your needs from the ceremony right through to the rooms to stay in overnight!

Ask for advice

Planning a wedding – big or small – can be a scary task to take on. So do not be afraid of asking for help from the resources around you. Even the most intimate of events needs careful planning before and throughout to guarantee a seamless day from start to finish.